2019 Exhibitor Registration Opening Soon

2019 booth preferences and assignments are based on:

  1. Date of registration—exhibitors who sign up early will be rewarded with location priority. Early registration gives us more time to work with special requests and floor plan configurations. Early exhibitor commitments make it easier to recruit as many retailer attendees and industry insiders as possible.

  2. Consecutive years of attendance—if you exhibited in 2018, you’ll get first dibs on booth location, but early registration is still required.

  3. Size of order including the exhibit hall booth and demo space—the more square footage you order, the better your visibility and aisle access. It’s that simple.

These factors will influence the placement of exhibitors’ booths in the exhibit hall. Exhibitors will submit location preferences during registration. Show organizers cannot guarantee returning exhibitors their previous year’s location (but we’ll try)! The floor plan will be fine-tuned every year to improve foot traffic throughout the hall. New exhibitors and returning exhibitors with revised orders will naturally necessitate annual floor plan adjustments. We will do our best to honor special requests but strongly emphasize the “earlier the better” rule.

Paddlesports Retailer reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to determine who will be permitted to display products as an exhibitor, and the size, location, and configuration of exhibit space.

2019 Exhibitor Inquiry Request

If you are interested in exhibiting at Paddlesports Retailer 2019, please complete the inquiry form below. A Paddlesports Retailer team member will get back to you shortly. Thank you!

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