Lodging Incentive

Retailers who register for the show and book lodging within the offical Paddlesport Retailer room blocks will receive a reimbursement of up to $375 for attending the show. Lodging reimbursements are based on length of attendance.

  • 1 night stay: $50 total reimbursement

  • 2 night stay: $150 total reimbursement

  • 3 night stay: $375 total reimbursement

How it works

  1. Register for the show (it’s free) here.

  2. Book a room within the Paddlesports Retailer room blocks

  3. Send your hotel reservation confirmation to

  4. Attend the show. Have a blast and discover innovative new products.

  5. Wait up to 60 days. In the meantime we’ll confirm your reservation against our post-show room data, and if everything matches up we’ll send out your reimbursement check. *Note that Paddlesports Retailer only offers one room incentive per shop.

It’s That Easy!

2019 Room Block

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